How Nerds Get Girls

One of the biggest stereotypes about nerds is that they are incapable of attracting beautiful women. This is something that we see over and over again on television, and in movies. Instead, the media likes to show us big dumb jocks getting all the girls and then gleefully locking the nerd boys into lockers where they are left to cry themselves to sleep. However, the truth is that in the long run those men who are labeled as “nerds” may indeed become the most successful of all when it comes to finding quality mates.

While jocks and other less intelligent yet handsome and athletic types may do better with women in high-school and college, things change drastically once young adults find themselves out in the real world. At this point many women are becoming disillusioned with the slacker jocks and bad boys that they have been dating. While they still may be more masculine in appearance than nerd males, these fellows can be quite a bore. At a certain point women will almost always grow weary of the jock/bad boys idiotic approach to life and the fact that they are generally content to spend their days drinking cheap domestic beer and watching hours of mindless sporting events on television.

Nerds on the other hand often flourish in their 20s as they enter the work force and are given the opportunity to put their mighty brains to work improving the world around them. Sure, they may not have much experience with women, but the farther that they get away from the oppressive social cliques they grew up with the more confident and relaxed they become. This confidence of course is attractive to women and allows the nerd to finally start getting some dates and enjoying himself around women.

At this stage a nerd man may also begin seeking out resources such as ebooks or training guides such as the popular Girlfriend Activation System ( to assist him on his quest to find a worthy girlfriend. Other men, particularly those who have inflated egos will refuse to look for guidance in this area because they think that they already know it all, but the nerd is humble and his constant pursuit of knowledge will lead him to discover the answers he seeks in regards to attracting women. The nerd mind is like a sponge for information, and once a nerd realizes that there are answers out there he will typically continue learning until he has attained a level of mastery.

At the same time, a nerdís interests may also begin to expand as he ages and he may indeed begin to spend time doing activities that improve his physical fitness, while the former jocks simultaneous begin to let themselves go and become fat and out of shape.

Finally thereís also the fact that nerds will typically earn higher than average salaries as they have developed specialized knowledge and skills over their many years of intense study. These higher salaries may not in and of themselves translate to dating success, but they certainly donít hurt particularly as they and their female counterparts enter their 30s and begin to think about settling down and starting families.