Why Breakfast Smoothies Are A Good Decision

Starting your day right can be easier than you think. The problem is that many people feel that they have little time reserved for yourself in the mornings, so they end up skipping a few things that are actually vital — like breakfast. If you are one of these people who have no time to prepare your breakfast, one good way to get the energy and nutrients that you need is by sipping down a tasty morning smoothie. That’s right, I’m talking about a nerdy delicious morning smoothie.

If you are unclear on what a breakfast smoothie is – it’s exactly what it sounds like – it’s a smoothie designed to be consumed during breakfast, or oftentimes, in lieu of breakfast itself. Because of the fact that it is generally consumed in the morning, it needs to contain a variety of fruits, vegetables, or even a combination of both in order to give you that proper jump start that will boost you from the morning up until your next meal.

What should go inside the breakfast smoothie? Much like a meal, your breakfast smoothie should contain a variety of fats carbs and protein. Fruits are the most common choice of ingredients for a breakfast smoothie, simply because most people like fresh fruit in the morning. It is easily digested and refreshing. Some juicy organic berries can truly pack a punch when it comes to getting you going for the rest of your day. Because of the sugar content of fruits (good sugar too!), it gives your blood a boost, raises your energy levels, and also lends a fresh, sweet taste to your concoctions.

A simple smoothie could consist of something as simple as ice, apples, bananas, and milk. Blend them all together until you reach the consistency of your choice and it’s basically done! Its important to note that the more nutrients you want to consume, the more ingredients you need to include in your concoction. For this reason, vegetables are also a good choice to bring into the mix. Kale and spinach make a great addition to any smoothie because of their somewhat neutral taste and high nutrient content.

In fact some people start their day with green drinks instead of smoothies. These green drinks are usually based on the juice of kale and other greens as well as a variety of many other potential vegetables like carrots, beets and even things like garlic and peppers. These green drinks have become so popular that you can now get powdered versions of them as well that you simply mix with water.

True smoothie connoisseurs add more than just fruits and vegetables to their recipes. For additional nutrients, some opt to add vitamins to theirs. Bodybuilders and body sculpting enthusiasts are also known to substitute whey proteins instead of milk to not only get their body up and running, but to help bulk up and build their muscles as well.

Another important very thing to take note of when making your smoothie is its taste. Since fruits have a natural sweetness to them, it’s always a good idea to throw in a good amount of it in your breakfast smoothie. Why not try a peanut butter and apple smoothie? You’d be surprised at how good almond or cashew butter taste in smoothies with chocolate protein powder.

You might also want to try one with juicy red apples and watermelon – that can easily make your day brighter! How about a Kale and banana smoothie with almond milk? Every sip not only jump starts your day, but opens up your taste buds as well.

No matter what your preference is, a breakfast smoothie can do wonders for you. So experiment and enjoy them!




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How Nerds Get Girls

One of the biggest stereotypes about nerds is that they are incapable of attracting beautiful women. This is something that we see over and over again on television, and in movies. Instead, the media likes to show us big dumb jocks getting all the girls and then gleefully locking the nerd boys into lockers where they are left to cry themselves to sleep. However, the truth is that in the long run those men who are labeled as “nerds” may indeed become the most successful of all when it comes to finding quality mates.

While jocks and other less intelligent yet handsome and athletic types may do better with women in high-school and college, things change drastically once young adults find themselves out in the real world. At this point many women are becoming disillusioned with the slacker jocks and bad boys that they have been dating. While they still may be more masculine in appearance than nerd males, these fellows can be quite a bore. At a certain point women will almost always grow weary of the jock/bad boys idiotic approach to life and the fact that they are generally content to spend their days drinking cheap domestic beer and watching hours of mindless sporting events on television.

Nerds on the other hand often flourish in their 20s as they enter the work force and are given the opportunity to put their mighty brains to work improving the world around them. Sure, they may not have much experience with women, but the farther that they get away from the oppressive social cliques they grew up with the more confident and relaxed they become. This confidence of course is attractive to women and allows the nerd to finally start getting some dates and enjoying himself around women.

At this stage a nerd man may also begin seeking out resources such as ebooks or training guides such as the popular Girlfriend Activation System (http://girlfriendactivationsystemreview.com) to assist him on his quest to find a worthy girlfriend. Other men, particularly those who have inflated egos will refuse to look for guidance in this area because they think that they already know it all, but the nerd is humble and his constant pursuit of knowledge will lead him to discover the answers he seeks in regards to attracting women. The nerd mind is like a sponge for information, and once a nerd realizes that there are answers out there he will typically continue learning until he has attained a level of mastery.

At the same time, a nerdís interests may also begin to expand as he ages and he may indeed begin to spend time doing activities that improve his physical fitness, while the former jocks simultaneous begin to let themselves go and become fat and out of shape.

Finally thereís also the fact that nerds will typically earn higher than average salaries as they have developed specialized knowledge and skills over their many years of intense study. These higher salaries may not in and of themselves translate to dating success, but they certainly donít hurt particularly as they and their female counterparts enter their 30s and begin to think about settling down and starting families.

Why It’s Good To Be Nerdy

In junior high school and elementary school, one of the worst things somebody can tell you is that you’re a nerd. In many cases, being labeled a nerd is the kiss of death. By being designated a nerd or a geek, your social circle instantly shrink. Your social prospects, as well as how people relate to you change overnight. The good news is that as socially limiting and potentially problematic being nerdy may be in elementary school, junior high school or even high school, the reality is that nerds run the world. If you want to get a good idea of nerds that shaped the world in profound ways, you only need to look at Bill Gates and the people that invented the internet. These are guys that would just hangout in their cubicles and work on computer codes for several hours at a time. Growing up, they were very socially awkward and they tend to be focused on a limited range of interests. The reason nerds run the world, whether in the world of finance, software, technology, even policy is because being nerdy enables them a kind of freedom that helps them transcend social boundaries. Here are some key reasons why it’s good to be nerdy.

Nerds Aren’t Limited By Social Expectations

In elementary school, junior high and high school, the conception of a “normal” or “average” person is somebody with a strong sense of social interaction. Social skills are crucial for popularity. Social skills are non-negotiable when it comes to being considered as part of the “in crowd” or “acceptable crowd” in any American elementary school, junior high school or high school. In fact, the stereotype of a socially perfect student is somebody who has a fine balance between athletics and social skills. Running against the grain of course is the nerd. The nerd doesn’t have to operate by these rules. The nerd is by definition outside of these rules. He is the outsider. He’s the outcast. As socially painful as this outsider status may seem, it also comes with a certain sense of liberation. If you are not going to be limited by expectations, then you have a lot more freedom. You can explore different interests. You can explore music and art and crafts and hobbies that aren’t “cool” or “normal”. These explorations can help you get in touch with your emotional core. It can help you celebrate aspects of yourself that might not be popular or looked upon favorably, but there’s a part of you as an individual. There’s a certain joy in being free from expectations. There’s a certain self-satisfaction that one can get by not having to play the same rules as everybody else.

Nerds Can Focus and Go As Deep As They Want

One of the biggest hassles with a social conditioning is that your interest by definition is being limited. You have to go about doing things the normal way. You have to go about doing things the conventional way. By going against the grain and truly exploring your individual interests, you can focus on interests that few people are focusing on and you can go as deep as you want. This can produce a deep sense of personal satisfaction. This also produces a deep sense of mastery. In a very real sense, living in a conventional life really is embodying the old saying of Jack of all trades, master of none. The whole concept of the “balanced” personality is that you really can’t become too good at any one thing because your main focus is to be “balanced”. Nerds are free from all that. They can focus only at a tight range of interests and go as deep as they want. There’s a lot to be said about the deep sense of satisfaction you get when you truly master a subject matter or master a particular body of knowledge.

Being Nerdy Allows You to Break Out Of the Herd

One of the biggest ironies of American culture is that, Americans love to think of themselves as individuals. After all, the American experiment is based on the idea of personal freedom and individual liberty. A key part of this of course is following your own drummer and following your own destiny. This is the great American mythology. As much as they like to praise the whole concept of individual personhood and individuality, the reality of American society is conformity. This is why Americans are very big on consumer culture. A consumer is driven by keeping up with the Joneses. A consumer is driven by buying stuff and buying into lifestyle. Not because you enjoy it, not because you believe in it, but because everybody else is doing it. In short, the whole concept of conventional and acceptable middle-class lifestyle is really an exercise in conformity. As we found out the hard way with the recent financial crash of 2008, this has serious consequences for Americans. You cannot live your life spending money you don’t have trying to please people you don’t like and this is all driven by conformity. Nerds are free from all this. They are basically outcasts of the herd. Being outcasts, they have the freedom to do and think in such a way that they are not restricted by this endless cycle of consumerism and conformity that often leads to financial stress, foreclosures, bankruptcy and midlife crises. In a very real sense, nerds are free from the internal contradiction that makes modern American consumer culture so frustrating to free-thinkers.

Being Nerdy Allows You to Explore Worlds of Ideas

When you look at individuals that truly changed the world, it’s very hard to make the argument that they are conformists. When you look at really profound thinkers that changed how we look at society, how we look at our relationship with nature and how we look at our relationship with each other, you cannot really say that these people lived their lives in a conformist way. In fact, if you want to truly change the world and if you want to truly make an impact, you have to step out of the row. This makes all the logical sense in the world. Seriously. How can you bring about change when you are preaching ideas that are in conformity with the way things are being done? A truly earth shattering developments and pioneering ideas are based inherently on thinking patterns and personalities that step out of the ordinary and step out of the average. The only thing you would get from people who think in average and conventional ways is a continuation of the status cowl. This is hardly revolutionary.

Take a look at the life of Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin was a key thinker behind the American independence movement. He did not think in conventional terms. His ideas often run contrary to conventional wisdom. But we celebrate him now because he was able to dictate the future of the United States through his unconventional ideas. The whole idea of individual liberty being God-given instead of state-given was a revolutionary idea. The whole idea that people own themselves is a hurdle. Nerds are in the same philosophical tradition because since they are freed from the expectations of going with the grain and being part of the herd, they are given opportunities to truly think a new or unconventional ideas that may move the world forward. The world of ideas by necessity is not a world of convention. It’s not an exercise in improving things that are greed upon or the status cowl. If anything, a truly innovated thinking is all about disruption. When you look at the biographies of people behind the internet, this nerd factor comes up again and again. It’s not conventional thinking that pushes the world forward. It is thinking that is divorced from the requirements of conventional thinking and conformity.

Being a Nerd Enables You to Reinvent Yourself… Many Times Over

One of the biggest challenges of human existence is transcendence. When we are born, our primary concern was of course security, feeding ourselves, meeting our sex drive. In other words, basic needs. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people never get this past basic level of personal evolution. The highest point of human evolution is self-actualization. When you are able to transcend yourself and care about other people in a profound and absolute level. I’m not talking about caring about family members or caring about your close circle of friends. In some way, these people are just reflections of yourself or extensions of yourself due to biological bases. I am talking about something in much more profound and wider. I am talking about spiritual enlightenment. Put a frame in secular terms. Very few people achieve this. The biggest obstacle of course is selfishness and being self-absorbed. Being a nerd gives you a great opportunity to use your freedom from conventionality to allow you to reinvent yourself many times over. A key part of reinvention of course is to question you old identity and your old assumptions and your old expectations. This can really do wonders in moving the ball forward in coming up with new expectations and new assumptions that allow you to look at the world in a profoundly new way. When you look at the world in a profoundly new way, you eventually change. Scientific research has already established that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Nerds have this great opportunity to reinvent themselves by changing the way they think and as a result, changing their practical reality.

Nerdiness Puts You in a Position to Surprise

It is not surprising that nerds in their 30′s and 40′s often end up with very attractive women. It happens time and time again. The cynical way to look at this situation of course is that these nerds focused on building technology companies or being part of the founding employees that help propel a start-up that either went IPO or got bought out for several million dollars. But putting finances aside although that is a key consideration, we still grapple with the fact that there are many nerds that still managed to get the girl even though they didn’t go through an IPO or they didn’t have a massive windfall. What explains this situation? This situation of course that women tend to change overtime. Nerdiness enables these guys to offer an alternative to the standard conventionality that many women find themselves rebelling against, especially once they enter their 20′s and 30′s. There is a certain excitement and novelty with the nerd personality that you don’t get with somebody who consciously and deliberately tries to be average and conventional. There is a sense of freedom and sense of possibility that you get with somebody that is always been outside of the confines of standard American convention.