Why Breakfast Smoothies Are A Good Decision

Starting your day right can be easier than you think. The problem is that many people feel that they have little time reserved for yourself in the mornings, so they end up skipping a few things that are actually vital — like breakfast. If you are one of these people who have no time to prepare your breakfast, one good way to get the energy and nutrients that you need is by sipping down a tasty morning smoothie. That’s right, I’m talking about a nerdy delicious morning smoothie.

If you are unclear on what a breakfast smoothie is – it’s exactly what it sounds like – it’s a smoothie designed to be consumed during breakfast, or oftentimes, in lieu of breakfast itself. Because of the fact that it is generally consumed in the morning, it needs to contain a variety of fruits, vegetables, or even a combination of both in order to give you that proper jump start that will boost you from the morning up until your next meal.

What should go inside the breakfast smoothie? Much like a meal, your breakfast smoothie should contain a variety of fats carbs and protein. Fruits are the most common choice of ingredients for a breakfast smoothie, simply because most people like fresh fruit in the morning. It is easily digested and refreshing. Some juicy organic berries can truly pack a punch when it comes to getting you going for the rest of your day. Because of the sugar content of fruits (good sugar too!), it gives your blood a boost, raises your energy levels, and also lends a fresh, sweet taste to your concoctions.

A simple smoothie could consist of something as simple as ice, apples, bananas, and milk. Blend them all together until you reach the consistency of your choice and it’s basically done! Its important to note that the more nutrients you want to consume, the more ingredients you need to include in your concoction. For this reason, vegetables are also a good choice to bring into the mix. Kale and spinach make a great addition to any smoothie because of their somewhat neutral taste and high nutrient content.

In fact some people start their day with green drinks instead of smoothies. These green drinks are usually based on the juice of kale and other greens as well as a variety of many other potential vegetables like carrots, beets and even things like garlic and peppers. These green drinks have become so popular that you can now get powdered versions of them as well that you simply mix with water.

True smoothie connoisseurs add more than just fruits and vegetables to their recipes. For additional nutrients, some opt to add vitamins to theirs. Bodybuilders and body sculpting enthusiasts are also known to substitute whey proteins instead of milk to not only get their body up and running, but to help bulk up and build their muscles as well.

Another important very thing to take note of when making your smoothie is its taste. Since fruits have a natural sweetness to them, it’s always a good idea to throw in a good amount of it in your breakfast smoothie. Why not try a peanut butter and apple smoothie? You’d be surprised at how good almond or cashew butter taste in smoothies with chocolate protein powder.

You might also want to try one with juicy red apples and watermelon – that can easily make your day brighter! How about a Kale and banana smoothie with almond milk? Every sip not only jump starts your day, but opens up your taste buds as well.

No matter what your preference is, a breakfast smoothie can do wonders for you. So experiment and enjoy them!




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